What to Look for in a Liberal Dating App

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Dating is often awkward no matter how you spin it; the silences, the nervous laughter, and the lack of commonalities all add up. But much of this awkwardness can be avoided by limiting your pool to like-minded dates, something a lefty dating app empowers you to do.  

Of course, this comes with a caveat: like-mindedness is not always enough to write a fairytale ending. In other words, there are certain above-and-beyond qualities to look for in a liberal dating app, things that take it from a run-of-the-mill experience to a platform sure to impress Cupid.

These include the following:

A Chance to Rank Your Passions

Not everyone who considers themselves liberal agrees on everything. For example, you might be passionate about immigration reform but not all that concerned about climate change. You might believe in universal healthcare while also believing in the Second Amendment. Or you might agree with most liberal stances while disagreeing with others. 

The best liberal dating apps consider the above and allow daters to prioritize their passions so they can focus on meeting others who share them. Because, when it comes down to it, not every lefty thinks alike, nor should they be expected to.

AI Assistance

Whether you love AI or fear rabid robots will eventually take over, it’s hard to disagree that artificial intelligence is an innovative feature for many everyday things. On dating apps, AI can help you determine if someone is a good match or a date more likely to go up in flames. This is an essential feature because humans, on our own, often have difficulty reading between the lines of a dating profile and separating who we like from who we’d like to avoid. 

Ice-Breaker Features

No matter who you’re considering dating—someone like-minded or an opposites-attract challenge—it can be hard to know what to say. People who are shy, not great with the written word, or prone to second-guessing might struggle to get the ball rolling. Ice-breaker features are designed to circumvent this uncertainty, empowering daters to go with the flow from the get-go.  


It goes without saying (but we’ll say it anyway): the most critical feature of any app is convenience. The reason is apparent: no one will log on if using an app is more complex than meeting someone in a crowded bar or buying asparagus at the farmer’s market. The best dating apps know this and focus on making dating as easy as possible. They offer simple navigation, powerful match-making capabilities, and an understanding of their target audience. The last thing these apps should do is frustrate the user: that’s what trying to meet someone offline is for.  


While all the above are crucial factors in a terrific liberal dating app, receptivity is the cherry on top, which means the company is open to feedback, suggestions, and ideas. Companies that invite their users to share their concerns and offer innovations show a willingness to cater to their customers’ needs. Companies that adopt an “our way or the highway” approach do the opposite, directing potential customers to the on-ramp of their competitors.  

Dating is hard; the role of a good niche dating app is to make it easier. Focusing on apps full of like-minded individuals, tech-friendly, and open to questions and concerns doesn’t guarantee you’ll find your true love. But it makes the journey a whole lot more enjoyable. 

TruuBlue is an AI-powered dating app for socially progressive singles. Its focus on issues ranging from pro-choice, climate change, and gun control to immigration laws and LGBTQ protections empowers people to find partners with shared values and passions. 

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