Getting Started – What Is TruuBlue?

TruuBlue is a new kind of dating app.  It is designed for busy progressives who prefer to interact with like-minded people in their area. Political affiliation is the fourth highest dating priority after children, smoking, and religion.  Matching political views has become so important that most liberal-minded people prefer to mingle and date those who share their political views.  Further, data shows that most married couples belong to the same political party.

Our matching algorithm was designed to place a high priority on your core political beliefs including:

Support Pro-Choice

Better Climate Legislation

Expanded LGBTQIA+ Rights

Universal Healthcare

Stronger Gun Control

Relaxed Immigration Laws

Is TruuBlue free to use?

Yes, TruuBlue is free to use.  However, you are limited in the number of members you can “Like” each day.  You can unlock the full potential of TruuBlue, including seeing a list of people who have liked them and implementing profile boosts, by upgrading to our premium package, DeepBlue (link).

Where can I use TruuBlue?

Currently, TruuBlue is only available in Colorado.  We plan on expanding the TruuBlue footprint to include the entire United States and Canada very soon.  We will notify you immediately as we open new regions.

Does TruuBlue impose an age restriction?

Yes, you must be at least 18 years old to create a TruuBlue profile.

What is DeepBlue?

DeepBlue is our premium membership that unlocks the full strength of TruuBlue.  In fact, DeepBlue members get twice as many dates!

DeepBlue members enjoy the following premium features:

Send Unlimited Likes

See Who Likes You

Unlimited Rewinds

1 FREE TruuBoost per month

5 FREE Ultra Likes per month

Renew Archived Matches

Pin Your Favorite Matches

Set Advanced Preferences

Remove ads

Do you still need support?

We are always here and eager to help you. Just email us at describing your issue(s) and we will respond as fast as possible.