How TruuBlue Uses AI to Up Your Dating Game

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Artificial intelligence has quickly become all the rage, popping up in everything from academia to medicine. Dating in the digital age is no exception: AI can help you find your BFF and true soulmate. 

Of course, this comes with a caveat, as the concept of artificial intelligence proves there can certainly be too much of a good thing. Here’s how TruuBlue uses AI to help you find love without cheating the process: 

Embracing the Benefits of AI

TruuBlue uses AI to enhance the user’s niche dating experience by recommending communication topics (without writing the actual messages). This helps users tap into their creativity, tell others about their passions, and brainstorm what to say when they’re shy, stuck, or unsure how to move things forward. It does this while allowing the user to be their true, awesome self. 

TruuBlue also uses AI to improve matchmaking, upping the odds that users are matched with dates that foster commonality, compatibility, and a lot of “When can I see you again?” 

The app relies on AI to rate the sentiment of matches, calculate the numerical probability of successful relationships, and show users green flags, which point out the positive traits of other users.

Even people who know what they want aren’t always good at conveying that, a key reason why AI helps users find who they’re truly looking for.

Avoiding the Pitfalls of AI

While embracing the benefits, TruuBlue also recognizes the pitfalls of AI, acknowledging that there’s a slippery slope between using AI as a supplement and using it to do all the work.

When used in an overly large capacity, AI can hijack the human experience, turning intimate connections into robotic ones. Relying too heavily on AI on a dating app risks leaving people feeling like they’re channeling Joaquin Phoenix from the movie Her and falling in love with a machine.

Too much AI can also remove the user’s unique voice and personality, replacing it with something artificially generated, uniform, and bland. This walks the line of deception and disempowers people from finding dates they’ll genuinely like once they meet in person (and AI is not pulling the strings). The result is wasted time for all involved. In short, too much AI leads to a love life that’s DOA.

By using AI as a supplemental tool to the digital age date rather than the driving force, TruuBlue embraces all of the perks while sidestepping the pitfalls. It’s a match made in technological heaven, one that proves AI, when used appropriately, can be one heck of a wingman.

TruuBlue is an AI-powered dating app for socially progressive singles in Colorado. Its focus on issues ranging from pro-choice, climate change, and gun control to immigration laws and LGBTQ protections empowers people to find partners with shared values and passions. 

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