Relationships in the Trump Era: How Politics Affect Modern Dating

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Politics, one way or another, has always influenced dating. Somewhere, someone likely rejected a potential date because they were on the wrong side of the Revolutionary War or believed the flu of 1918 was just a conspiracy. Of course, the political chasm between a lefty and a righty has widened in the Trump era, so much so that many people find themselves falling into the abyss instead of finding a suitable mate. 

Modern politics influence relationships in several ways, including the following:

Politicians are More Divisive 

From those who loathe Trump to those who give him a pass, no one can deny that he is among the most divisive politicians in US history…and he’s not the only one. Politicians seemingly try to outdo each other by how inappropriate or outlandish they can be and how many arguments they can start on social media.  

Ultimately, this divisiveness makes it much harder to date someone who votes for an opposing party (71% of Democrats polled have said they would probably not date a Trump voter). There are still tons of fish in the sea, but the average dater ends up throwing back more fish than, perhaps, they ever have before.

Deal Breakers are More Prominent

Any divisive political environment is bound to cause deal-breakers to become more prominent. For example, someone who believes in gun control might have been open to dating a staunch supporter of the Second Amendment. Yet school shootings coupled with politicians trying to downplay those horrific incidents or fast-track access to high-powered rifles are likely to make this openness unsustainable. What was once a willingness to find the middle ground becomes an impasse.  

Intel is a Must-Have

Going to a bar or restaurant with very little insight into who you’re meeting increases the odds that you’ll end up with someone whose political opinions are dissimilar to yours. At best, this makes for awkward conversation (or full-on fighting and, tragically, a lifetime ban from Olive Garden). At worst, it wastes everyone’s time (especially when it happens time after time).

Knowing your potential partner’s politics from the get-go has the opposite effect (and is quickly done through a digital age date). This intel allows you to avoid dates destined for disagreements while focusing on people who share your passion, values, and stances

Politics Separate the Short-Term from the Long-Term

Politics might not matter if you’re simply looking for something noncommittal. If you’re focused on a fling and care more about six-pack abs than an 800-point credit score, for instance, you might also be okay with political opposition. 

Long-term relationships, however, require common values (something easily discovered through niche dating). This gives political stances tremendous power; they provide a surefire way to separate the “right now” from the “right person.”

TruuBlue is an AI-powered dating app for socially progressive singles in Colorado. Its focus on issues ranging from pro-choice, climate change, and gun control to immigration laws and LGBTQ protections empowers people to find partners with shared values and passions. 

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