The Importance of Politics When Finding a Partner: Deal Breakers and Compatibility Factors

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Those who follow etiquette know that certain things are considered taboo during a date. Talking about money or religion, reviewing everything your ex ever did wrong, and asking inappropriate questions can all be considered dating app killers. Politics has long fallen into the same category, regarded as a topic that’s more likely to result in asking for the check than asking for another outing.

But deeming politics off-limits is not without risk. Politics is becoming increasingly important when finding a mate, making these topics key. Because, hey, if you commit to sharing a meal with someone, you want an idea of what they stand for. 

For several reasons, you should know where your potential mate stands on vital issues, allowing you to find compatibility and recognize the deal breakers. These include the following: 

You Don’t Have to Be Political to be Political

Did you know that only 23% of US marriages are politically mixed? Everyone is political in one way or another; even those who consistently write in their own names on the presidential ballot rather than vote likely have an opinion on LGBTQ protections, gun control, healthcare, immigration rights, climate change, or other social issues. In other words, everyone possesses values, political and otherwise, and people need to know whether those values sync up. 

You’re More Likely to Find Happiness With Shared Values

Relationships, from new ones to decades-old marriages, are complex. They’re full of everything from arguments and tension to your partner’s toenail clippings and bathroom habits. However, sharing values creates a healthy foundation that sets the stage for success and ups the odds that your happily ever after will prove immortal. When your principles, tenets, and thoughts align, it’s easier to communicate effectively, problem-solve with less friction, and make mutually beneficial decisions. Importantly, couples with aligned values also have fewer things to argue about and more commonalities to pursue together. 

You Can Learn to Disagree

Even people who share values don’t agree on every issue—and that’s okay. While there may be stances you consider deal breakers, focusing on dates that completely jibe with you will leave you limited. So, pick the issues you’re particularly passionate about and allow for wiggle room for the others. After all, if you wanted to date someone like you, you could stay home and whisper sweet nothings into the bathroom mirror. 

Politics have long been taboo in romantic circles, but knowing where someone stands politically can save time, effort, and heartbreak. It can help your date lead to a future rather than an early evening.

TruuBlue is an AI-powered dating app for socially progressive singles. Its focus on issues ranging from pro-choice, climate change, and gun control to immigration laws and LGBTQ protections empowers people to find partners with shared values and passions. 

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